Sunday 29th September – Greatham Village Hall, Petersfield rd, Greatham, Hants, Gu336ey

Spend the day using the ancient Chinese health system of healing Qigong (Chi-Gung) to release and unblock the physical ,emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, allowing us to step into our power and strengthening our internal flow of energy ( or Chi ).

Through a combination of various movements combined with stillness and awareness we will connect to the energies of the earth and the heavens to open our bodies and minds to the infinite possibilities available to us all to heal at what ever level we find ourselves at in this moment in time.

We will be working with the methods and techniques of Taijiwuxigong a profound and powerful Qigong system of self healing developed by Grand Master Dr Shen Hongxun over a 50 year period of research and refining.

The physical exercises and movements combined with breathwork and visualisation can produce reactions in the body as the Chi moves through the internal pathways and releases any blocked or stagnant energy. These are natural ways the body heals itself if given the correct circumstances and normally leaves you feeling lighter, more energised,balanced and sometimes more spiritually connected and most importantly generally happier.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or complete beginner all are welcome to come along and join in. You will need to bring loose fitting comfortable clothing, flat shoes, and mats, blankets for laying down exercises.

There is a fully working kitchen available to use if you want to bring some lunch or some snacks.

Cost for the day is £60.00 of which i strongly recommend to book in advance with a £30.00 non refundable deposit as spaces are limited.




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