What Is Qigong?

Qigong and Chi Kung both have the same meaning, and are often translated as breathe or energy cultivation. It has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is designed to stimulate the flow of chi (energy) through the internal meridians, and can be used as a method for self healing and development.

Through various internal movements the energy or (chi) is moved through the meridians by a process of specific stretching and relaxing,breathwork can also help this process.

One of the things that make Qigong a powerful tool for healing is working with energetic area of the body known as the dantien.

The dantien is located inside the body just below the navel and acts like a pump to move the energy around the body,pushing out the stale and negative factors the body no longer has any use for.This can cause vibration within the body as these factors leave and the body is returned to a healthier way of being.

These movements are spontaneous,as the body begins to heal and the energy flows more freely so layers of “negative” energy are released, leaving the physical, mental and spiritual bodies more in balance.

Exercises are repeated and generally are carried out standing in the same position, particular attention is focused on correcting the spinal posture increasing the spaces between the intervertable discs thus releasing energy which is “stuck”.


The beneficial effects of practicing qigong are numerous, including improved flexibility, becoming more relaxed and having a more positive outlook, as well as helping to manage some more serious illnesses or conditions.

Once learned some routines and exercises can be incorporated into daily life to help maintain and restore the body for a happier and healthier life.

Qigong Class

Greatham Village Hall, GreathamHants GU33 6EY

Open to all levels on a pay as you go basis £10.00 per class

Thursday Mornings 10:30am-12:00pm

Private 1-1 appointments available on request

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