Reiki courses available are :

Level 1 “Shoden” – No previous experience required
Level 2 Okuden” – Must have completed level 1 before through any lineage
Level 3 Master Level – Must have completed level 2 at least 6 months beforehand

All courses taught are based on the original Japanese techniques as developed by Dr Usui over 100years ago and promoted through Reiki Evolution

After completion of each course you will be issued with your own certificate and receive ongoing support

Reiki 1 “Shoden” course

  • Teaching 1Reiju” empowerments (connecting to Reiki)
  • Energy exercises
  • Learn the Japanese “Hatsu Rei Ho” meditation
  • Self treatment techniques western and Japanese style

There is a pre course manual which gives a background and history of Reiki along with some key techniques. This requires at least 1 week of study prior to the course so the day itself can be more practical. No previous experience is necessary and by the end of the day you will be connected to the Reiki source for life ,and can use this wonderful energy on yourself, friends and family. Ongoing support is available by email or phone prior to and after the course. If you wish to discuss things further or require any more information please contact me at or 01428-751298 / 07990-506833

The cost of the course is £140.00 of which there is a £25.00 non refundable deposit with the balance paid on the day.







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