Qigong    Meditation   Sound Healing

                            27th-29th July 2018

Rejuvenate and nurture your spirit with a weekend retreat of Qigong, Heart Centred Meditation and Sound healing in the beautiful surroundings of “The Friary” a 13c monastery next to the river Medway in the Kent countryside.

Throughout the course of the weekend we will be working with the body, heart and mind to stretch and release from deep within, bringing us to a place of physical and mental balance connecting to our own sense of innate strength and power in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

Qigong (Chi kung)

Qigong is the ancient Chinese practice of slow controlled body movements combining stretching breathe work and visualisation to help open up the body enabling the Chi or energy to flow freely and release any blocks or stagnation that are inhibiting our growth and development. These exercises help bring us back to our true nature and connect us with our own innate life force qi with the natural healing forces of the Heavens and the Earth. Suitable for any level of physical proficiency you will be gently guided and helped to find your own level.

Heart Centred Meditations and Sound Healing with Bhavna Mistry “The Heart Centred Mentor”

Heart Centred Meditation is about going to the core of your heart to heal all hidden wounds and uncover your true soul path. The basis of heart-centred meditation is first to find the place of deep inner peace the peace that keeps you stable through all of life experiences as you face them in the vibrational truth you are living in. This allows you to embrace love and compassion in life. Through meditation and understanding the inner depth of your experiences embrace your Truth and True Hearts Desires.

The use of sound either has mantra, singing bowls, drums etc. allows you to break through hidden barriers or the glass cages that surround you.

Bhavna guides the meditations by channelling them, so the sounds and guidance is always appropriate to the energy space, people and in harmony with life. No meditation is fixed. This defeats the purpose of going into the heart.

The Retreat

The July retreat dates start on the full moon of July. July is the month of honouring your ‘guru’ whether that be god, goddess, angels, ascended masters, higher self or spirit. It doesn’t matter as the meditation is about you and your preferred choice of guidance. The key aspect of the weekend meditations will be to deepen your experiences and connection to your highest guidance so you can be true to you.

Through all of these combined practises we create a place of peace, tranquillity and centeredness where we can re-embrace and find our own sense of self, and deepen our connection to everything around us.

The weekend will leave you feeling refreshed and more deeply connected to your inner truth and passion, creating a sense of purpose as you continue forwards. It will be a gentle enviroment but deeply transformative…….we look forward to seeing you.

Your Hosts for the weekend are :

Robin Sheldrake has studied and taught Tai Chi & Qigong since 1998 is a Reiki Master/ Teacher, Buqi Healer and Shamanic Practitioner who runs Hollywater Healing in Hampshire


Bhavna Mistry teaches Heart Centred Meditation and runs Life Healing Values (www.lifehealingvalues.co.uk) from Morden ,Surrey where she runs Reiki courses and practices various healing modalities including Shamanism and NLP.


Practical information

Venue address :  The Friars, Aylesford Priory, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 2XP

The retreat starts on Friday 27th July at 6:00pm and   finishes on Sunday 29th July at 4:00pm.   

You will have your own individual room and included are all meals to be taken in the main communal dining hall (Vegetarian option available on request).

Total cost for the weekend is £275.00 which requires a 50% non refundable deposit to secure a place. Places are limited, there is an early bird discount available at £240.00 if paid in full by 1st April 2018.

To book a place please complete

Booking Form

Booking for summer retreat 27th July 2018.
  • Vegetarian food option etc.

After completion of the booking form and selection of your preferred payment method you will be contacted by email containing information and links regarding payment.


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