yin-yangTai Chi is an ancient form of exercise originating in China derived from a martial arts tradition but  now more commonly used and practiced as a very effective system for attaining optimum health and wellbeing.

The integrated aspects of very deliberate slow co-ordinated body movements (known as the form), standing meditation, and breathing techniques make this a unique way of improving health. As the emphasis is placed on internal structure and co-ordination, and not on developing muscular force, thus cultivating the free flow of internal energy (chi or qi), Tai Chi is accessible to anyone, regardless of age, fitness levels, or background.

Through the regular practice of Tai Chi, balance and posture improve, minor aches and pains can disappear, and the immune system is boosted, as are concentration levels and circulation. The student feels revitalised, with improved confidence and self esteem.

Sword 1There are many different styles of Tai Chi that have developed over the years through various family traditions, but all share the same common principles. The most popular type in the west is the yang style, which was brought to the west in the 1960s by professor Chen Man Ching, who was a student of Yang Cheng Fu This is the style of Tai Chi that I teach and pass on to my students.

Because of its unique way of working, more and more people are benefiting from Tai Chi. From the stressed out office worker who needs to find a way to relax, to rehabilitation units in hospitals to help aid the recovery process, Tai Chi can have a positive effect on anyone who wishes to practice this ancient healing art.

Class Details

NEW CLASS at Greatham Village Hall, Greatham, Hampshire starting on Thursday mornings at 10:30am.

This class is open to all with the focus on Qigong and Tai Chi 37 Postures

This system of Qigong (Taijiwuxigong) was devised by Grand Master Dr Shen Hongxun through his study and dedication over 50 years in developing an effective way of moving the stale or stagnant energy out of the body leaving the student with a healthier body and mind.

This is done in various ways:

Deep internal opening and stretching of the meridians

Sound and breath modulation

Visualisation and mind focus

Spontaneous movement


With practice there can be a positively profound impact on physical and emotional health which can lead to a happy and more positive way of being.

On the day just bring loose fitting clothing,comfortable flat shoes and an open mind. Cost of the class is £10.00 on the day or £70.00 for a block of 8.

Please contact me if you would like to come along as numbers are limited, email or 07990-506833

Please contact me at robinsheldrake@hotmail.com for further details and availability of the classes before turning up, as times and venues may change.

Corporate classes are available for the workplace.

Private one-to-one tuition is also available either from Hollywater Healing or if appropriate at a place of your choosing.

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