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Taiji 37 Form Courses

Learn the Taiji 37 Form devised and created by Dr. Shen Hongxun in 6 comprehensive weekend modules spread across two years 2015 – 16, taught by Paul Brewer founder and director of Heaven Mountain Taijiquan.


Having studied and practiced this form over many years among  I have personally experienced very deep and profound positive changes to my physical and energetic bodies. This has opened and strengthened my own vital energy helping to make me a clearer channel for receiving and giving Reiki treatments. Anybody who works with Reiki or other healing modalities will gain immense benefit from learning this form as it enhances and promotes a free flow of internal energy which will help you and your clients get the best possible outcome.


This unique opportunity takes place at Greatham Village Hall, Petersfield rd , Greatham, Hants, GU33 on the following dates in 2015.  

23/24 May

26/27 September

14/15 November

All 3 weekends paid in advance… £300

£110 per weekend 

£60 per day                                                                            

Half Day sessions  £30 per half day                                             

(where available and at Discretion)

Synchronous Modular Courses in Bristol,Surrey  ( See details at bottom of page)

The Course is modular by design so that you can take either the whole course or the parts that suit you at a time and place of your choice, so, for example, you could take a different weekend at each location and still get the complete consecutive teaching!

What is the Taiji 37 Form?

The Taiji 37 form, created by Dr. Shen Hongxun, is based on the principles of NanPai (Southern School) Taijiquan, also called Taiji 37, a series of standing postures which are the basic techniques from which modern Taiji forms and styles have developed. The Form consists of 37 positions flowing seamlessly from one into the next. The force from the earth is used to activate the Dantian, the energy centre of the body,  developing energy force so it can move the body with great ease. This energy force can initiate Spontaneous Movement, helping to open and clean both the physical and energetic elements of the body. 

The function of these techniques is to awaken the Dantian and thus cultivate Taijijin (Taiji forces), primary of which are Vibration force, Spontaneous Movement force, and Concentration force. These forces are innate to everyone but in most people they are dormant. Many practitioners of Taijiquan have never experienced the sensation of movement of their inner energy and do not know how to discover and develop these Taijijin. 

When practised, the postures stretch and open different energy channels and activate the Qi circulations, helping to expel pathogenic factors (Binqi) from the body. Students learn to control and guide these internal movements through the cultivation of strong mental force. 

Taiji was created as a martial art and used for combat prior to the advent of modern weapons. Modern Taijiquan has shifted towards a more health-orientated purpose, but the forces used for health and healing are exactly the same. In Taiji 37 we continue to learn the martial applications associated with each position, which enables us to clearly understand the point of Concentration and to focus our minds on  directing the force.

Taiji 37 Bristol Form edit

How will you Benefit from the Taiji 37 Form Course?

Practising Taiji has been demonstrated to have a positive benefit to the health of the practitioner in numerous modern medical studies, not only in treating existing conditions, but in preventing new ones. Many people think that Taijiquan improves health because it activates the Qi circulations. However, the main reason is because it expels Binqi (negative, stale, stagnant and potentially illness causing factors). Pushing the Binqi out of the body through the meridians allows the Qi to circulate more freely again, removing blockages in the energy channels and optimising the circulation of the internal vital energy or life force, correcting and regulating bodily functions and improving the quality of health and wellbeing. 

Taiji Practice can produce swift changes in the body and the internal energy system, clearing stale and negative factors from the body at all four levels; physical, energetic, mental and spiritual, leaving one cleansed, revitalised, invigorated and lightened. The philosophy of Taiji, based on Yin and Yang, can be considered to be the study of change, highly relevant in a rapidly changing modern world. 

Practice of this form combines the benefits of exercise, meditation, art and energy work and strongly integrates your physical, mental and energy systems. Sensitivity, grace, balance, composure, awareness and personal power are all enhanced. Taiji means “without limits” and the Taiji symbol represents the infinitely large unlimited cosmos. The Taiji 37 Postures contained in the Form use specific techniques to help our energy and awareness to expand to the size of the cosmos!  Learning the Form gives the practitioner an extremely clear exercise routine which can become an enjoyable daily habit from which the benefits increase as the practitioner’s knowledge and skill develops.

Modules Timetabe

2 – 3 May        Module 1 with Heaven Mountain in Surrey

9 – 10 May      Module 1 with Heaven Mountain in Bristol    

23 – 24 May    Module 1 with Heaven Mountain in Hants   

5 – 6 Sept        Module 2 with Heaven Mountain in Surrey

12 – 13 Sept    Module 2 with Heaven Mountain in Bristol

26 – 27 Sept    Module 2 with Heaven Mountain in Hants

24 – 25 Oct    Module 3 with Heaven Mountain in Surrey

28 – 29 Nov   Module 3 with Heaven Mountain in Bristol

14 – 15 Nov    Module 3 with Heaven Mountain in Hants

Modules 4 – 6   Revision & extra study with Heaven Mountain Dates tba


Little mountain

The Course is arranged in a modular fashion so that you can take either the whole course in one place or the parts that suit you at a time and place of your choice.  


All venues and details :

All 3 weekends paid in advance… £300

£110 per weekend 

£60 per day                                                                            

Half Day sessions  £30 per half day                                                                                (where available and at Discretion)

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