I undertook Reiki 1 with Robin at a particulary traumatic and difficult time of my life. Despite my doubt at being able to cope at this time when calm and focus was far from achievable,Robin assured me this was probably exactly what i needed.He was right. The sense of peace and calm was remarkable as Robin guided me through the various exercises accompanied by a cd.

The experience and sensations that i became aware of as the course progressed,as a whole was extraordinary and the effects of "remote" treatments i subsequently did was nothing short of unbelievable.

Even if you are not looking to treat others ,it is a lovely way of connecting to yourself and others.


I am a person with disabilities with ME,Diabetes and hypertension.I have received Reiki from Robin for some time now and find it very important of my healing process. I always feel incomparably better at the end of a healing session with him ; i feel calmer,more present,more energy and in general better able to cope with the situation i am in.

He has a very special,unique healing gift and shows the great patience with his clients. I have tried healing from a number of people over the years and in different forms but there is no-one like Robin.

I am very glad to recommend him.


Thank you so much for a wonderful introduction to Reiki, i will use it on myself and others as often as i can


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