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This is a place to receive and learn energy healing to balance and improve the body and mind working with Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki & Shamanic Techniques.


Located in the village of East Chinnock , Somerset set against the background of beautiful natural countryside in a peaceful environment a place to heal awaits you.

Energy Healing comes in many shapes and sizes and with over 24 years of practicing, teaching and studying I hope to offer you the chance to experience these ancient techniques for yourself and play a part in your own self development , growth and healing through the things that I offer.

All of these wonderful systems complement each other perfectly and have a common aim….to balance the energy flow in the body, allowing you to operate at your highest level, bringing a sense of harmony and peace deep inside of your being, BECOMING ALIVE WITH ENERGY.

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My name is Robin Sheldrake

I started my journey into Tai Chi and Qigong in 1998 at Heaven Mountain College studying with director Paul Brewer and then went on to study for many years with Grand Master Dr Shen Hongxun, gaining a diploma in his Buqi Healing system in 2007.

I teach Yang style Tai Chi  Chen Man Ching form as well as Heaven Mountain Taiji 37 form along with Taijiwuxigong (TWG), Dr Shens system  of Qigong for self healing, suitable for all levels.

Over the years I have run classes for many different organisations which range from Private Health clubs, Community centres, Age UK, Corporate environments,  Schools , Village halls and Care homes ,along with some private one to one tuition.

I completed my Reiki Master/Teacher level in 2009 through the Reiki Evolution Organisation set up by Taggart King using the original Japanese Techniques.

In 2009 I started working with Shamanism and over the years have worked with Kay Gillard and Jonathan Weekes (Heron Drums) from the UK and more recently Itzhak Beery from New York, incorporating a range of healing techniques which I apply to my treatments.

Yin Yang Celestial
Tai Chi
Shamanic Healing
Stone Buddha face close-up in trend blue color toning. Handmade carved Buddha statue in balinese garden as decoration.
Wald Panorama mit frisch grünen Buchen, die mittig platzierte Sonne wirft schöne Strahlen
Buqi Healing
Landscape of Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountains). UNESCO World He

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