Welcome to Hollywater Healing….a place to receive and learn energy healing to improve the body and mind.



Located in the small hamlet of Hollywater set amidst lovely natural country surroundings i have opened this place up to pass on and help other people in the healing arts of Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong Healing and Shamanic techniques.

Energy healing comes in many shapes and sizes, my aim is to offer people a chance to play a part in their own healing and development as well as receiving treatments.

About Robin Sheldrake

I started my journey into Tai Chi Chuan in 1998 at the Heaven Mountain Taijiquan college(www.heavenmountain.co.uk) studying under director Paul Brewer. I have studied Chen Man Ching style short form, Heaven Mountain long form, Taiji 37, and worked with Dr Shen Hongxun studying and practising a qigong system for self healing called Taijiwuxigong. I have a diploma in Buqi Healing.www.buqi.net I see Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong as an exercise system available to everyone who wants to improve their physical, spiritual, or emotional circumstances.

As I continue to study and improve my abilities in this wonderful ancient art I hope to reflect this in the classes that I teach, which range from day centres for older people, corporate on site classes, health centres, open classes or one to one tuition.

I am a member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Through the study of Tai Chi and qigong, and gaining insight into how the energy system of the human body works to heal itself, I found myself being drawn to study the system of healing known in the west as Reiki. My personal and spiritual discovery in Reiki started in 1995 and since then i have worked as a practitioner and have gone on to become a Master/Teacher.I completed my master training through the Reiki Evolution organisation (www.reikievolution.co.uk) which was set up by Taggart King and follows not only the western development of Reiki, but also the the original Japanese techniques which have only recently come to light. Reiki is a wonderful tool for healing and self development which i feel truly blessed to have found and hope to pass this on to clients and students.

I came across Shamanism in 2009 and was intrigued to find out more, and was fortunate enough to find out that my Reiki Master was also a Shamanic teacher so that all seemed to fit nicely.  I have studied with world renowned Shaman ,teacher and author Itzak Beery from New York and Jonathan Weekes from Heron Drums based in the UK. Probably the most ancient system of healing and self development on the planet Shamanism resonates deep inside of me, and can only complement what i have already learnt and experienced and so i continue on this magical healing path hoping you can join me at some point.


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