Buqi Healing

Buqi healing is a technique of Chinese medicine based on ancient almost forgotten practices.Special energetic forces allow the practitioner to clear stagnant ,blocked or sick qi (known as binqi) from the patient allowing health and well being to return in a natural way.

There are many factors which contribute to the accumulation of binqi,one being the theory of the double vicous circle, which examines the way emotional stress(current or historical) negative thought processes and a long standing poor body posture are detrimental to health.These can create problems within the spine and a narowing of the intervertable spaces,which over time can lead to disease and illness.

A Buqi treatment works to remove this stagnation and help to correct the body posture.

The Forces used to treat in Buqi

After using unique diagnostic techniques the practitioner generally uses forces developed through the study of Taiji which take the shape of using vibrational force,mental force or spontanious movement directed at specific areas or points on the body usually from a distance.The patient remains fully clothed throughout the process.

Historical Background

Traditional Chinese Medicine is now very much accepted in western society and continues to help and improve the health and wellbeing as it has done in the east for centuries.

In his youth Dr Shen Hongxun was fortunate to discover some of this knowledge from his grandfather Shen BaoTai and later his teacher proffessor Yao HuanZhi,and has spent the last 30 years creating and developing this knowledge alongside western medical theory to create the system of healing known as Buqi.


The initial consultation and treatment will usually last about 60 minutes and afterwards the patient will be shown some simple exercises to do at home to help with the release of stagnant energy and correct the body posture.These exercises are taken from Dr Shens Taijiwuxigong system for self healing.

A variety of conditions can be successfully helped by 1 Buqi treatment but longer standing conditions may need more appointments.

Cost for initial consultation and treatment is £65.00 with each subsequent treatment of £60.00

For more information on Buqi visit www.buqi.net

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