Reiki Courses

Anyone can learn how to use Reiki in their lives on themselves and to help other people.

There are 3 levels which I teach.

Teaching 1

Level 1 “Shoden”

Get  ”connected” to Reiki and learn how to do a self treatment , and treat family and friends using original Japanese techniques along with meditations and exercises to strengthen the flow.

A pre-course manual is provided so the actual day itself is more hands on, with ongoing support afterwards.

  • This is available for anyone. Cost £140.00

Level 2 “Okuden”

This level will teach you additional techniques including distant healing and Reiki Kotodama (Mantras)  and you will then be qualified to treat members of the public and charge a fee if you wish.

You must have completed level  1 “Shoden” through any lineage at least 6 months beforehand.

  • Pre course manual must be studied before the day of the course. Cost £160.00

Level 3 “Shinpiden”- Master / Teacher

This is a very serious commitment and can only be taken after at least 1 year at level 2 has been completed. You will learn how to teach all levels of Reiki providing support and help where needed.

  • Pre course manual needs to be studied at least 4 weeks before the day of the course. Cost is £350.00

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