Shamanic Healing

Throughout the history of humankind we have connected to and worked with the energies of the natural world in which we inhabit, both seen and unseen,to create a balance between the physical,emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves, showing respect and gratitude along the way to the land we live on and all other living beings.

Shamanic Healing is an ancient and deeply rooted healing tradition practised throughout the world for thousands of years and is as relevant today as it has ever been as people look to bring a more holistic approach to their health and wellbeing.

These ancient techniques are powerful and can help restore any aspect which is out of balance from physical pain and trauma to emotional and mental difficulties.

There are many different approaches and techniques which can be used to heal depending on the very unique set of circumstances that each person has.

Shaman plays a tambourine, Ukraine. Odessa, August 2019

Drumming & Sound

Much healing is achieved by the administration or guiding of energy vibrations into what we call the physical and energy bodies, which creates a harmonious flow. Drumming vibrations can penetrate very deeply and go beyond the skin, go into our tissues and inner organs, and go even deeper into the skeleton and bones—our structure. The vibration of drums synchronizes the brain faculties, helps us enter into higher awareness and consciousness, releases emotional stress and traumas, and boosts the immune system.

All of these elements are brought to the healing session when drumming over the body

The use of other tools such as Rattles, Bells, Bowls and Feathers can also be used in a similar way to facilitate the Healing.

Before i actually start the session it is important to have a small consultation to establish what the issues are and how best to approach them and to gain insight into the physical,emotional and spiritual  aspect of the condition. This can sometimes be done using a candle flame reading,or looking and scanning  the energy body itself. From there the course of the treatment will unfold as connection to spirit is established and the work begins. All healing is carried out in a safe space in total confidence.

Red Deer in morning Sun.
Each person is unique and so each treatment is specific to your own personal set of circumstances.

Other Shamanic Modalities which may be used are :

  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Extraction
  • Power Animal Connection
  • Hands on Healing

Please allow at least 90 Minutes for the session to take place and try find a way to be kind and gentle with yourself immediately after and for the following day or two to allow any shifts to settle and integrate.

I have been fortunate to have studied and worked with various amazing teachers over the years, most recently renowned Shaman and teacher and author Itzhak Beery from New York and Jonathan Weekes of Heron Drums here in the UK.

My aim is to use these gifts and tools to help you, but ultimately you are your own healer along with your connection to all the seen and unseen allies working with you. If you wish to discuss things further please contact me for a free informal chat

  • The cost for each session is £65.00 payable on the day (Concessions considered)

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